Opal Plan Spain

Cost of the Opal Plan €3650.00
Minimum Deposit: €500.00
12 Monthly Instalments of: €265.60
Total after 12 months €3150.00
36 Monthly Instalments of: €87.50
Total after 36 months €3150.00
60 Monthly Instalments of: €52.50
Total after 60 months €3150.00

Please Note: Should you want to pay by instalments and require the additional options their cost will be paid in advance. Illustration based on minimum €500, amounts will change with higher deposit.

Opal plan

A plan providing for a simple funeral service covering the essential items, including to removal and disposal of the deceased, suitable for single people with no family. This funeral could be completed within 72 hours.

  • Administration of the Plan
  • Attending to all necessary funeral arrangements
  • The funeral director’s services
  • Conveyance of the deceased to the mortuary within Spain
  • Advice on certification and registration
  • 3 day’s mortuary expense
  • Preparation and care of the deceased
  • Supply of a veneered coffin
  • Provision of a hearse to the local crematorium
  • Provision of necessary staff
  • Cremation fee and doctor’s certificate
  • Supply of an Urn
  • Certificate to allow ashes to be taken on board an aircraft
  • Death Certificate translated to English
Additional Options
  1. Contribution to repatriation of ashes €330.00
  2. Mortuary expenses per day €132.00
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