Are you entitled to call the doctor if you fall ill?

Are you entitled to call the doctor if you fall ill?
05 Sep 2016

Do you know what would happen to you if you fell ill or had an accident in Spain? Are you paying for your health care? Do you know if you are entitled to health care as an expat in Spain?

Do you have health cover if you return to the UK to visit family or if you go on holiday?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. Unfortunately many people are not covered and could face a hefty bill if they need treatment.

One worrying statistic suggests that as many as one in two expats does not have international health insurance.

According to a health care report by insurance analyst Ian Youngman there are more than 50 million expats and 232 million people who live in a different country to where they are born.

But between one in two and one in three are not covered by international health insurance although they may have domestic health insurance.

Pensioners and some other people living in Spain, either permanently or as second-home owners, will be covered by the S1 form where the UK pays for your health care in Spain. But many of us are not entitled and need to find the best way to pay for health care.

Expat health insurance or international health insurance is designed for people who live and work abroad. You can take out a worldwide plan or have a specific plan for Spain.

You can find out more about health insurance cover by talking to a health insurance specialist. You can contact Golden Leaves at our office in the Avenida del Pla 123-125 in Javea, or Avenida De Almeria 39, local 1, Turre, 04638, Almeria. You call us on +34 966 493 082 in Spain or visit the website



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